Breaking Ground : Same Fort, Different Address.

We’ve packed up and moved. Rebuilt the fort, bigger and better. I’m stoked to present Secret Forts, v 2.0. Still a work in progress as we get the kinks out and do some fine tuning(…getting it to look just right for every platform, creating custom bookmark badges, etc). So bear with me. We’re also working on new features as well as continuing on with the old favorites. For now, archived posts will link back to the ole fort as I work on backlogging all 1,500+ posts(yikes). Updating your bookmarks and links would be greatly appreciated as is your continued support after all these years. Thanks.
Don’t you love that new fort smell?

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4 Responses to "Breaking Ground : Same Fort, Different Address."

  1. T. Madden says:

    Great news. part of my excitement for my relocation from Los Angeles to New York was getting to experience your blog firsthand. I was a bit worried over the last month as the updates were infrequent. Keep up the good work, congrats on the new site.

  2. A. Frankel says:

    You’ve done an excellent job of keeping that good ol’ feel at the new place. Looking forward to visiting here from now on!

  3. Ken says:

    Loving the new Fort. Link updated. Will be continuing to visit often.

  4. enzo the baker says:

    like the new fort, but ‘So bare with me.’ means you want to gets nekkid.

    i don’t get down like that. j/k.

    love the new site.

    ps, have you checked out

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