The Fall Three : Mikael Kennedy, Photographer/Trespasser.

Friend, photographer, trespasser, explorer, the always inspiring, Mikael Kennedy. Having spent the past decade documenting life through thousands of Polaroids, Mikael has recently brought that chapter to a close, ending the Passport to Trespass blog, and moving into other areas of photography. No, he hasn’t run out of Polaroid film and no, he hasn’t sworn the medium off. The last of the Trespass printed matter, spanning ’09-11, Vol. 8 & 9 titled ‘Anywhere I lay my head’ and ‘This is the End’ respectively, will be available October 3rd in a limited run of 100 sets. In the meantime, I give you Mikael and his Fall Three.

1)Found this jacket at the Barbour outlet in Kittery, Maine. It came un-waxed. It’s now been waxed by hand 3 times. I think it’s coming along nicely.

2)I’ve had these Red Wings since 2003 when I was a deck-hand on an old lobster boat that ran freight off the coast of Maine. They’ve been resoled 4 times at the factory out in Red Wing, MN. This time I took them out to the Red Wing store in Queens on the recommendation of my friend (thanks Powsner) to get the black Vibram soles instead of the traditional white. I’m looking forward to breaking these guys out and doing some wandering as soon as the weather turns.

3)I haven’t been in New Mexico since 2008 and it’s starting to bother me. Working on getting back out there this fall.

+1)Chevy g20: There is not much I’d rather be doing than be sitting in this thing rolling around the random back roads of New England. She’s scheduled to make a run into Virginia in a week or so and I can’t wait.
(thanks Mikael. Projects…)

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One Response to "The Fall Three : Mikael Kennedy, Photographer/Trespasser."

  1. Emil says:

    Just bought my copy of Vols. 8 & 9 — can’t wait to get it in my hands!

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