When Less is More : Choctaw Ridge.

Christian McCann, the man behind the venerable Left Field NYC, has now taken the same steady, earnest approach to a whole new endeavor; undergarments. The result is a full range, from thermals to boxers, for layering or lounging, called Choctaw Ridge.

With Choctaw Ridge, McCann set out to pay homage to an era when everything in a man’s wardrobe was paid the utmost amount of consideration, including his undergarments. Inspiration came from an old underwear box, and the pursuit to pay homage to a time when you “bought the best you could afford and seldom more than you needed. Today, it’s all about fast, cheap and disposable.” Cheap, fast and disposable Choctaw Ridge is certainly not. It’s classic, hard-wearing basics made for the thoroughly modern gent. A focused fabric selection, attention to every detail and the same hard-wearing ethos that’s made Left Field one of the most well-regarded, pioneering, made-in-the-US brands around. And like Left Field, Choctaw Ridge is entirely made in the US. Everything about it is impressive. Opening a box from Choctaw(which I have been fortunate enough to do) is like stepping back in time; every aspect from the throw back factory graphic on the aged box top to the hang tags to the gold and blue labels. First hand, the stuff wears and washes down wonderfully. The thermals are beefy without being too stiff. The lounge pants and boxers, crisp and the tees, soft as butter.
According to Christian, “Choctaw Ridge is a return to how things used to be. From the materials, to the construction, to the packaging, no corner has been cut and no expense has been spared. We believe that our garments are as good, if not better, than those of the past. That’s why we put them in the same box.”
As Christian puts it, “Like those men of yesteryear, we understand that less can be more, when less is the best.”
I’m pleased to introduce you to Choctaw Ridge. For more looks at the line, head over to the site. It’s available there and at select fine retailers near you. And remember, successful men start their day in Choctaw Ridge.

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3 Responses to "When Less is More : Choctaw Ridge."

  1. Jordan Yarbrough says:

    These are beautiful, but it seems a little absurd to pay $100 for undergarments that are just going to get shit-stains on them.

  2. Simone says:

    might help if you wipe your ass?

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