Head to Toe : The Blue Period.

*RRL Railroader cap / American Optical Sunglasses
*MWC MKVI Mil-Spec watch
*J. Crew (hand-waxed) Trapper Jacket / Levis trucker / Engineered Garments Chambray Workshirt
*Stanley & Sons Selvedge Tote
*3Sixteen SL-100 (2+ years old) / Leather Man Ltd. Hoof Pick Belt / The Hill-Side N21-047 “Scalloped Dots” Dobby Cloth Pocket Square / Truman Handcrafted Minimalist Wallet, Natural Chromexcel
*J. Crew Camp Socks / Oak Street Navy Suede Trail Oxford

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20 Responses to "Head to Toe : The Blue Period."

  1. Rick says:

    That jacket looks great and caught my eye immediately. I just waxed a J. Crew cadet jacket and thanks to some advice from Mikael Kennedy it turned out really well. Did yours have a glossy look at first?

    • mrforts says:

      Rick, it had a bit of a sheen just after but it quickly broke in. I used Filson wax which definitely gives a different finished product than using Barbour’s thornproof dressing. I think the Filson wax is a bit less oily. Either one wears in beautifully.

      • Rick says:

        I agree with oily part. At first it was almost translucent where the material was a single layer. Just so you know your Head to Toe post are my favorite features of all the blogs I’m keen on.

  2. travis sevilla says:

    Truly Killing It with this post. Amazing!

  3. Pj says:

    Nice work on the jacket… How did you apply wax to your Trapper Jacket?

    • mrforts says:

      As for applying wax, here’s the method I use; all you need is plenty of wax(running out 2/3 of the way through is a bummer), a cut up old t-shirt and a hair dryer. In small areas(maybe 8-10″ square), work the wax in in a circular motion. Once you’ve got it really well waxed, use the hair dryer from a few inches away(on low heat setting) to heat the wax(you’ll see it actually sink into the fabric). Repeat as needed until done. Let the jacket hang for 24 hours in a warm spot. Be cautious of heavy handedness where each patch overlaps and a second application isn’t out of the question. Good luck.

      • Michael says:

        James, how many cans of wax did you need for the trapper jacket? Just as a reference so I can gauge how much to buy.

        • mrforts says:

          I think it was around 5 or so. But I may have needlessly overdone it. 5-6 and you’re set with some to spare I’d think.
          Good luck. It’s a very meditative project.

  4. TW says:

    I missed the boat on that RRL hat. Did you buy it last season? Great post.

  5. Darren johnston says:

    I GOT my RRL hat this season. When I bought it, I was thinking ”humm…what would James WEAR?” YEP the Selvedge denim railroad hat.

  6. Eddie says:

    Great post, very inspiring.

  7. Garri says:

    the kit is legit… hope to see you at pop up flea!

  8. Matthew says:

    I didn’t know J. Crew made the trapper jacket in a more brown color. Mine is much greener looking.

    Is that from the wax or did they used to have a brown one?

    Love the Head to Toes.

    Keep it up man.

    • Rick says:

      I waxed a light tan J Crew Cadet jacket and now it has more of an almost red clay color to it. It definitely changes the color as it saturates the fabric.

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