The Fall Three : Jeff Thrope, Cold Splinters.

It’s that time of year and thusly, time once again for The Fall Three. First up, he of the decidedly legit Cold Splinters, good pal, Jeff Thrope. Below, Jeff’s Fall Three.

1)PUMPKINS: Things made with pumpkin are better than things that are not made with pumpkin. Except beer. That never works out very well.

2)VASQUE BOOTS: It was many moons ago, while living in Colorado, that I found these at the local Savers. And while the holes are getting bigger and the soles are getting thinner, they’re still good for a few laps around the block.

3)LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III: There are not many things better than listening to A Live One on a fall day while wearing an old pair of Vasque boots and eating something made with pumpkin.

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5 Responses to "The Fall Three : Jeff Thrope, Cold Splinters."

  1. cork grips says:

    i passed up a pretty beat pair of italian made skywalk’s at a flea last week, they seemed just a little too far gone to keep wearing but looking back i should have taken them for $3.. well done jeff.

  2. all plaidout says:

    Nice work, Jeff. I found a pair of deadstock Skywalks in a size seven last month. Wish they’d been bigger. I’ve wanted them since the seventh grade. And the four minutes and nineteen seconds of “Nocturnal Stumblebutt” are often all I need to get to sleep. That and a shoe ashtray.

  3. N Bolton says:

    A great Fall Three, essential ingredients to a fine fall.

  4. mfortune says:

    new fall jam, definitely happy about this one.

  5. Sarah says:

    Huh…never bothered to look up who wrote Motel Blues as I assumed it was Alex Chilton from the Big Star version. Good to know…

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