Mikael Kennedy. Photographer. Traveler. Trespasser. Long time good friend, collaborator and true compatriot. It’s such a trip to think of having long ago coffees at Five Leaves talking about wanting to do exactly what it is he’s doing now. A great thing to see a friend set out their path and stick to it. So happy to have him along for the ride again this year. Mikael’s Fall Three.
photo x Matt Blodgett

1) It’s fucking fall, it’s the best time of year. Period. Nothing makes me happier then the cold air starting to roll in and being able to dig all my warm clothes out of the back of my closet. I happened to be in Vermont last week shooting a music video for my wife just as the colors changed, it was stunning, I grew up there so I’ve seen it my whole life but it never ceases to amaze me. I got myself intentionally lost trying to cross as many mountains as I could on the way home without looking at a map, good times.

2) The Apolis Standard Issue Service Blazer : Apolis gave me this jacket awhile back when I joined their Nomad team. I love what those guys put out, part of the goal on the road is always to travel as light as possible, the functionality of this jacket is great, it works at dinner as much as it does out in the field, . Only problem was it was a lighter shade of blue that I had a hard time getting down with (sorry guys, don’t be offended it just wasn’t my thing) Well not anymore, a bucket of RIT dye and some blue stains in my tub it’s a whole new coat, I’ve been wearing it everyday. I know they make one that’s dark blue that I could’ve just ordered but I’m a big fan of waste not/want not, making due with what you have and making it work. It’s a New England thing. Now I love this jacket.

3) I’m rarely in NYC it seems, but when I am, I camp out at this little French cafe down the street from my house called Le Gamin; french onion soup and a glass of wine, it’s perfect.

Blaine Davis
Isle Royale, MI 2013

+1) 2 years running now Wolverine has asked me to do a show in their NYC store of my favorite shots from my adventures with them. This year took me to Isle Royal in the boundary waters of Michigan. Come by the shop Nov. 14th and you can see some of my favorite shots from that trip like the one above.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Rad portraits, rad lookbooks. Nice to see someone not overly dependent on vsco, I can appreciate the more “true-to-life” colors.

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