James Jean. The Mod Rockers. Always sharp. Cryptic. Future thirty year old. Renaissance Man. My man’s Fall Three.

1) “P.L.R.G.”: An editorial I am eagerly awaiting to unleash out to the world.

2)”The ‘Project’ project”: Another ambitious endeavor involving some great friends and I. I hate to sound vague but before the year is through, a great story will be told and statements made.

3)”XXIX”: Ahh, the final year of my twenties. Like any normal twenty-niner looking back, this decade had it’s ups and downs, yet still I cannot help but to look forward to making a grand closing and opening for 29 and 30 respectively, especially considering the people I know and collaborate with and the city I’ve called home for all 29 of those years.
Discovering new (and old) music, discovering other new tastes, helping people get out their goals and dreams, getting lost then finding our way again. I am ready whenever you are, 30.

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