The Fall Three : Ryan Plett, [Y_H_B_T_I].

Always seemingly on the move, my pal Ryan Plett, the guy behind Y_H_B_T_I and TravelWell, sits still long enough to run through the top things that have him stoked for the season.

1)Outerwear- for me summer is a dreadfully hot experiance with very little options for dressing well, or cool for that fact. Fall is the season that finally breaks the midwest humidity and allows me to wear a blazer, layer up, and even don a scarf or hat. I love it.

2)Boots- another favorite of the Fall season is when I get to break out my boots and start tromping around the city during the chillier or inclimate weather days. Cup of coffee, camera, and some boots and I’m set to roam.

3)Snowboarding- this doesn’t need much explanation; powder, friends, a few beers, and resting tired legs in front of a fire with a nice drink.

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