The Fall Three : Ben Ferencz, FairEnds.

One of my best friends I’ve never actually met. Ben Ferencz, the Fall Three’s own Lanterne Rouge. The cyclo-crossing mad hatter behind FairEnds. Never mind that it’s well into December, Ben Indiana Jones slides in at the last minute with a seasonally adjusted ‘Fall‘ Three to make anyone wish they lived the farm life in Big Sky Country. I’m happy to have this guy on board again this year, no matter what season it presently is. Ben’s (air quotes) Fall Three.

1. Snow! Last season the folks at Black Crows were nice enough to set me up with a pair of skis after i broke mine almost this same time last year. These boards that i speak of, have by no means, seen enough powder! Although they have seen enough powder for me to determine they are so much fun. Looking forward to trips to Wyoming and Canada. And now that my daughter Evelyn is skiing, it’s a new game. One that’s all about french fries and pizza pies (turns and food.)

(*ed. note: not to scale.)
2.Shetland Sweaters and Rag wool socks. As long as i can remember I’ve always had them both. Mostly from LL Bean and occasionally from Brooks Brothers. I love them. Soft enough to be comfortable yet strong enough to stand the test of time and work. And i love the way everything sticks to them from horse hair to hay.

3. My new axe. For a while now, I’ve been using whatever axe has been lying around to split wood. The last one was a jersey axe and i was abusing it. i finally broke it and couldn’t replace the handle for some dumb reason. I found one that i’m pretty excited about. Gränsfors Bruks splitting maul. and now i’ve joined the Axe Throwing Society. Still waiting for my membership card.

4. Because I did 4 last year. I have a new company called FairEnds that i’ve started with my pal Martin Carvajal formerly of Freemans Sporting Club. I’m really looking forward to building it out. We’ve done some caps for Hickorees and Jack Spade and have a few more special ones coming. First release is caps, then backpacks, totebags, pouchsets and totepacks early next year.

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