Kate Jones. Good friend. Designer and maker of the beautiful Ursa Major(as well as my favorite bottle opener). Major-ly stylish. Recent New England repatriot. Fall Three regular. Pleased to present Ms. Kate Jones’ Fall Three.
(photo x Kevin Rogers)

1)I’m with Mrs. Pierrepont Hicks- she’s produced a great product, the long overdue women’s version of the chukka or moc sans frills that most translations of men’s-to-women’s products get (and of course their handmade in my homestate). The green linings kill me. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair. I think, after much deliberation, I’ve decided on the Chukka Original.

2)Well now that I’ve moved out of NYC and to Provincetown, Cape Cod, I finally have proper wall space. So I’m excitedly building up my art collection, just retrieved several pieces from the framers, and stopped by Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn Heights a couple weeks ago to drop off cufflinks, say hello to my friend and owner, David Alperin, and see the John Whitlock show he has up at the moment. David’s got a great eye and has held shows for several “Secret Forts family members” like Kirk Bray and Mikael Kennedy. I couldn’t resist this assemblage by Whitlock (and reminiscent of PTown artist, Paul Bowen)…now I’m just anxiously awaiting its delivery later this month. And my friend Karin Schaefer, recently dug up the negatives of her grandfather Carl Eklund‘s photographs from the Antarctic Expedition he went on (1939-1941) led by Admiral Byrd and she started reprinting them. They’re surprisingly contemporary portraits considering they’re 70+ yrs old. Shown here is his self portrait.

3)But I’ve got to say, what I’m most stoked about is my new home here on the Cape. Any of you who even know me semi-well know I’m all about the ocean, and I’ve got it on all sides here. Provincetown is rich with beauty, history, and tradition. Portuguese fishing town, artist colony…and well….extremely liberal. Life’s pretty good here. Y’all come visit.
(shots from my instagram Umajor)
Thanks Kate.

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