When OSB‘s George Vlagos set out to create the Trench Boot, based off an old beat up pair of GI’s boots from the 40′s he’d picked up years before, it turned into a design process that would span five years, countless tweaks and modifications and plenty of wear testing. To hold just the right shape, and not satisfied with what was available, an entirely new last, the Elston, was created embodying the spirit of the Windy City and named after the street on which the citys’ own venerable, 107 year old Horween Leather is located. That resulted in the popular addition last year of an OSB staple, the trench boot, until now, only available in natural. Now, almost a year later and after request upon request, comes the trench boot in beautiful, rich brown Horween Chromexcel.

True Goodyear Welt Construction. Oiled leather Waterlock soles(the soles are soaked in oil to prevent water from seeping in). Stacked leather heel with Vibram toplift. Calfskin vamp lining. $426.
And as always, like all Oak Street footwear, these bad boys are fully recraftable and made in the good ole USofA(#duh).
Available today exclusively at Oak Street Bootmakers.
Side note, if you’re in the Chicago vicinity, be sure to stop in to Independence. Where else but on Oak Street.
47 East Oak Street
Chicago, IL
(312) 675-2105

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3 Responses to "THE TRENCH BOOT 2.0"

  1. Ryan says:

    Sick boots but way too much coin dude. I couldn’t justify spending $100 more on these over the 1000 mile boot. After tax you’re almost pushin $500 for a pair of boots! Nah bra.

  2. Craig says:

    I bought the 1000 Mile- and returned them. I couldn’t justify $350+ for those, the leather, while chromexcel, felt thin and the leathers on each boot mismatched. They just didn’t have the quality feel or craftmanship that is expected in a shoe that expensive. I subsequently got the brown Trench boot. Supposedly the same leather, but the Trench was much more robust, the grains matched better, and the overall quality and attention to detail is lightyears ahead of the 1000 Mile. Not to mention the shape- sleeker last and toe, not as “boxy”. My $.02, but the Trench is most definitely worth the $75 premium over the 1000 Mile.

  3. Baxtton says:

    This boot are awesome, not cheap but still really cool.

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