The Fall Three : Max Wastler, All Plaidout.

Max Wastler(shot here by Nathan Michael), runs All Plaidout and is one of the first people I met through doing Secret Forts. A man of many talents, he has recently added proprietor to his resume. Along with buddy Joe Gannon, Buckshot Sonny’s Sporting Goods is now open for business. Below, Max’s Fall Three.

1) Woodland Camouflage Pointer Brand Chore Coat exclusively for Buckshot Sonny’s: When Joe Gannon and I were in Bristol shooting the pilot for Made Right Here, we noticed the women working at Pointer Brand had tool bags made with M81 Woodland camo. When I asked where they found it, one of them pointed to the sky and said, “we got it from the attic.” We asked them to make their famous chore coat with whatever they had left.
2) Discharge Dyed Flannel Pop-Over from Taylor Stitch: (As seen on Max): Japanese designer Shinobu Sering approached the gentlemen at Taylor Stitch about designing some fabrics for a line of shirts they planned to release to the Japanese market. I picked mine up at NorthernGRADE. The pop-over utilizes a nice heavyweight brushed flannel that’s so soft, so close to a bed sheet that I’ll be cozying up with it all winter long.

3) Goose Island Brewery’s Bourbon County Stout: With a few buddies, I was lucky enough to get an early sample of this year’s Bourbon County Stout. As of right now, it is swishing around in Heaven Hill’s bourbon barrels, aging at Goose Island‘s Fulton Market facilities. With it’s sweet carmel flavor, The Bourbon County Stout is closer to a dessert beer than a pint of the ol’ pelican, Guinness, you might find yourself nursing down at the pub. Look for it in bottles and finer taverns later this fall.

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5 Responses to "The Fall Three : Max Wastler, All Plaidout."

  1. All Plaidout says:

    Thanks for including me again this year, James.

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  3. K says:

    Is he married?
    He must be married.

  4. Tommy V. says:

    Dear god, Max. You’re a braver man than I drinking Bourbon County Stout. I love me a strong beer but that stuff is like gasoline.


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