Why break from tradition. So in that spirit, it is Max Wastler who is first up, once again, for the fourth annual Fall Three Series. Great friend. All around great guy. Author of All Plaidout and one half of Buckshot Sonny’s, this is Max Wastler’s Fall Three, 2013.
photo x Carolina Mariana

1) Bang Bang Pie Shop Biscuits. Lately, not a day goes by without thinking about these fluffy, salty, warm, and downright delicious biscuits. I’ll take them over any dessert, even pie, any day.

2) Rosemary Roast Chicken. This is the year I take my friend Blake’s advice and learn to properly roast a chicken. I am proficient in the kitchen — following along with a cookbook, what have you — but I’d like to teach myself to roast a chicken perfectly by eyeballing it. That’ll change, and I hope by the holidays to have perfected the art of the roasted chicken.

3) Skiing Colorado with Winter Session in My Dad’s Vuarnets. Recently had these repaired by a guy in Minnesota, and can’t wait to hit the slopes this year with my pals Roy and Tanya at Winter Session.

4) Penrose Brewing. Heading out to Camp Wandawega this weekend for another Good Beer Hunting x Buckshot Sonny’s guy’s weekend. As much as I’m looking forward to jumping into the frosty waters of Lake Wandawega, I’m most looking forward to that first shivery sip of the frothy suds from upstart brewery Penrose out of Geneva, Illinois.

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  1. sam says:

    The “Top Notch” hat he is wearing in the cover photo makes me think of the Top Notch Cafe on Main in Colfax, WA we ate at after our week long 50+ mile hike in SE Washington. Best tasting burger ever.

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