In Retrospect : 3Sixteen SL-100′s.

Some time ago, Ryan Plett(Y_H_B_T_I) had the idea of getting a group of us to spend a year wearing and giving feedback on a number of various denim brands. It became Denim Debate. I was fortunate enough to spend that year+ in a pair of 3Sixteen SL100‘s.

While the Debate is on somewhat of an online hiatus, I thought I’d provide an update with photos from day one to present day, just shy of 2 years in. Past updates can be seen HERE.

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10 Responses to "In Retrospect : 3Sixteen SL-100′s."

  1. ryan berger says:

    andrew would be proud man, he would be proud. they look great.

  2. A. Frankel says:

    I always think I love how raw denim looks at the beginning stages the best, mostly because of the excitement of starting a new “project” that you simply have to wear to keep moving. But halfway through they look so alive with their own personality it’s ridiculous. These look great. Nice work.

  3. Simon Tuntelder says:

    Time for repairs - or retirement. What’s it gonna be?

    New place looks great, James.

  4. Andrew M says:

    Retirement? No way! These still have years left in them. Crotch could use a loving darn but other than that they look great.

    Would love some of these photos up on

  5. sam says:

    so, they started at 29 inches in the waist, right? any stretch? what about the leg and shrinkage? i always have to get my stuff hemmed and it’s hard to wait like 6 months before you’ve washed them and shrunk them as much as they will to then finally get them hemmed. the bulky cuff can be more than i want some days, y’know? any feedback is appreciated.

    • jd says:

      I’ve had these for three months, with one soak, and there’s very little stretch or shrinkage. Cold soak gave me maybe .25, if that. I’ve read they’ll shrink only .5. I don’t like cuffing either, or too much stacking, and had them hemmed before wearing, one inch above my normal inseam. For me, they’re perfect, with at least .25 left for additional shrinkage, with the rest being used in the creases. I bought these true to size and the waist is still snug.

  6. myclue says:

    damn those look good. you wear them well!

  7. Kyle says:

    How often did you wash these? I’ve been wearing a pair of 3sixteen+ for about a year now, they look great but aren’t anywhere near as worn as yours.

  8. Bobby says:

    The jeans are great! I was wondering if you would mind sharing the brands of the leather belts shown (brown and black)? Im looking for some new belts and yours are really cool!

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