The ‘Autumn’ Three : Glenn Kitson, The Rig Out.

Glenn Kitson, part of the Rig Out Illuminati(above w/ eldest daughter). In Mr. Kitson’s own words, “Originally, I used to find and sell vintage clobber and then became involved in styling, PR and consultancy.
I follow Bolton Wanderers.
My favourite films are Il Postino and Hot Tub Time Machine.
Favourite song: Elton John - Benny and The Jets.
I kind of only got into fashion for the free stuff.”
The following; Glenn’s ‘Autumn’ Three(name changed per his request). 

1)British Museum - there’s no better place to see some of the finest things the British stole from the world. Delightful architecture too.

2)Engineered Garments Cord Blazer - Its Autumn thus cord is acceptable.

3)Nick Drake - Whenever I think of Autumn I think of Nick Drake.

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5 Responses to "The ‘Autumn’ Three : Glenn Kitson, The Rig Out."

  1. anothergloriousbattle says:

    Looks like a Buzz Rickson grey cotton 1940s sweat being worn in the first shot. Cool post, by the way


  2. James Bowthorpe says:

    Glenn is right, Autumn is Autumn. “The Fall” is a band or what happened when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

  3. Andy Bird says:

    Glenn! What have I told you about talking on then internet.

  4. GK says:

    Never mind me, Andy- Check out Antony’s post with him banging on about Manchester, the professional northern get! Worse than Peter Kay….

    James- What’s right is right.

  5. RGoodfellow says:

    Great jacket and great album. I just picked up a similarly colored vintage Jordache that I am beginning a happy relationship with.

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