The Fall Three : Chris Grodzki, Stanley & Sons.

Every apron and bag made by Stanley & Sons comes directly from my pal Chris Grodzki’s studio in Brooklyn. Each made by hand and made to last. He’s a true craftsman and a hell of a nice guy. In his words, “I like it when the temperature drops back down to a reasonable number. Summer is for the birds. Everyone in Brooklyn seems much more pleasant when they are not complaining about air conditioners etc. ” Well said. Below, Chris’ Fall Three.

1)I am looking forward to camping upstate this fall and seeing the leaves change.

2)Finally having weather to wear my Perfecto Cashman jacket.

3)Michael Hurley’s new album, of old material just came out and he will be playing Brooklyn in October. I have been listening to Fatboy Spring(new album) constantly. Luckily it is only available in record format so I can’t over do it.

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