Head to Toe : The Outtakes, pt. II.

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34 Responses to "Head to Toe : The Outtakes, pt. II."

  1. victor lee says:

    great photoset! fall is my favourite season…have a question - may I know what is the navy rucksack in the second image? thanks and keep it coming.

  2. Mr. McCall says:

    Get ‘em.

  3. sam says:

    i think im over people taking photos of what they wear and posting it on their blog. there’s only about 5 decent mens blogs out there these days and im moving on.

    shit is old.

  4. Darren johnston says:

    SAM is right about one thing…there ARE 5 decent mens blogs out there. YOURS is at the top James. LOVE the outtakes. Also big ups to you for not being afraid of criticism. Keep up the great work!

  5. Mr. McCall says:

    It didn’t know that “dislike” button in the right hand panel was an actual “dislike” button. Let the records reflect that I, in fact, do like this site, and was simply overcome with curiosity at the time.

  6. Alex says:

    Curious about those jeans - what am I admiring here?

    • mrforts says:

      Bandana pocket bag - Left Field NYC
      Crotch blow out - 3Sixteen SL-100 (2+ years of wear)
      Talon ‘bell’ zipper - Quality Mending Co.

  7. brandon says:

    Yeah sam, to each is own. So dont blow it for the rest of us that like thwm. Beat it geek

  8. Alex says:

    Oops, sorry - should have specified. I meant the blue/black selvedge, two down from the doubleRL hat.

  9. Michael says:

    I am salivating over these photos.

  10. Ryan Walker says:

    5th photo down, who makes the pants (khaki colored)? Thanks in advance.

  11. J Gunn says:

    Do I spy a sawtooth jacket, just north of the GIANTS cap?

  12. matt says:


  13. Pat says:

    I like the quilted vest over the tweed jacket (that’s over the chambray button down). Who makes the vest?

    • mrforts says:

      J.Crew Broadmoor vest:

  14. Kristian says:

    What’s the beige jacket in pic 9 ?? Cord collar…love it

  15. Kristian says:

    What’s the make of the beige jacket in pic 9 with cord collar ??? Love it

  16. mrforts says:

    RL wading/hunting-type jacket.

  17. Nicholas says:

    Love the outtakes James, thanks for the post. Would you be so kind as to provide the brand/details of the tweed jacket featured with the J.Crew vest and Gitman shirt?

  18. liz says:

    Love that red bandana pocket detail! Very cool.

  19. James says:

    Hi james,

    Whats the blue pull over rain jacket looks nice..

  20. Mars Jmc says:

    I don’t suppose you remember what jacket and with the handkerchief in it do you and yea i realize this is idk 1-2 years old but i love it.


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