The Fall Three : Chris Brown, Refueled.

The man behind Refueled, Chris Brown, runs down his Fall Three.

1)Easyrider Cap // Imogene+Willie // Otis James Collaboration: Imogene+Willie enlisted their friend Otis James to stitch up a batch of newsboy caps using some very special material: vintage selvage denim fabric that once belonged to Easyriders magazine founder Mil Blair. Legend has it that Mil used this denim to cover the seats of his bikes back in the early ’70s. The Easyrider is a six-panel hat made of lightweight denim. Each inner band features a label, which is hand painted with the customer’s name and the number of their order. The bill of the hat features a leather stiffener, which makes for a sturdy yet flexible bill that has a natural curve but can pack flat (it will not crease). The front of the cap is secured to the bill with a button and buttonhole. The inner band is made of the same denim as the outer, and showcases the 40 year old selvage; a beautiful Japanese chambray lines the inside of the cap. Each cap is made to order and handcrafted by Otis James in his East Nashville studio.

2) Chimala NEP Demin Coverall: Crafted/Hand Washed/Distressed using Japanese Denim.

3)Strawfoot Handmade Tote: Reclaimed, recycled leather straps placed on the heavy duty waxed canvas with solid hand set, copper rivets. Internal key loop. Military-spec synthetic thread. Perfect for packing surf gear, ie. trunks, board wax, wetsuit jacket, etc. Available at Levi’s Meatpacking, NY.

+1) INGMAR BEER Surf Board: Made for Saturdays NYC. Made from Paulownia and Red cedar. The Paulownia has excellent qualities for surfboard design since it is so light weight and buoyant. For my upcoming Fall surf trip to Montauk, NY.

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