Articles & Effects : Bonnie Prince Billy’s Sleeping bag.

(Left and forgotten at our loft in Bushwick years ago.)

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6 Responses to "Articles & Effects : Bonnie Prince Billy’s Sleeping bag."

  1. KC says:


  2. Mike vW says:

    Too bad you didn’t send it back with a handwritten note and a cookie. You still can. Getting meaningful mail is one of life’s simple pleasures.

  3. Jeff says:

    very awesome indeed.

  4. RGoodfellow says:

    Be even cooler if that was the one he used in Old Joy.

  5. isabel says:

    This is a weird. If you’re close enough that he’s staying at your loft, what are you doing posting pictures of his stuff on a blog bragging about it? I actually think it’s a cool, nostalgic looking bag. But let’s be honest, nobody would give a fuck if it were an old anonymous roommate’s. I think people’s fascination with celebrities in new york is ridiculous. Imagine being Will and finding this post.

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