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Coming Soon : Girl/Chocolate Epic-ness.

Though it’s been years since I was marginally any good on one of these, a new Girl/Chocolate video still gives me that same old feeling.

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A Lesson In : Effortless Style, 101.

My grandfather, Robert Wilson. Knack’s Garage, Allendale, NJ. c. 1927. Legit workwear. The layering. The pipe. Handsome devil.

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Head to Toe : The Outtakes, pt. II.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Secret Forts.

The Fall Three : Foster Huntington, Restless Transplant.

Ever the Restless Transplant, Foster Huntington is out proving home is where you park it. Another recent endeavor, The Burning House, asks what you’d grab while fleeing a house on fire. Here, I ask Foster what’s on his shortlist for … Continue reading

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Head to Toe : The Blue Period.

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Articles & Effects : Bonnie Prince Billy’s Sleeping bag.

(Left and forgotten at our loft in Bushwick years ago.)

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The Fall Three : Michael Kuhn, Greenpoint Pictures.

Michael Kuhn. Founder/President of Brooklyn’s own Greenpoint Pictures(Check out their blog Standard Mint). Director, producer, fellow Tennessee native, my oldest friend of twenty+ years. Mr. Kuhn’s Fall Three.

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Penfield + Secret Forts : Race for the Summit.

Secret Forts is proud to partner with the New England based Penfield (established 1975 in Hudson, Massachusetts) in “Race for the Summit”, their online scavenger hunt launching this Thursday, November 17th and taking you on a zig-zagging quest across the … Continue reading

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On the Subject of : Mamet Speak.

“In my family, in the days prior to television, we liked to while away the evenings by making ourselves miserable, based solely on our ability to speak the language viciously. That’s probably where my ability was honed.” -David Mamet

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