The Fall Three : Antony Crook, Photographer.

Photographer and good pal Antony Crook. Responsible for the imagery in the always great, ever growing Rig Out and the memorable Hill-Side + Hope Street dinner affair. He set his camera down just long enough to send over his Fall Three.

1)The Weather: Being from the north of England, my body isn’t used the New York summer and so I long for the cold to come back. It’s a big morale boost for me to feel that first cold breeze of autumn. Plus, the atmosphere is much more interesting and more useful to me than in the summer. To me, autumn looks, feels and sounds better.

2)Dressing properly: I don’t really have the legs for shorts, plus I’m a fan of wool, tweed and solid shoes, so I see the arrival of autumn as being the first time we can can dress properly in four months. I took this shot when I moved out of my last house, and it sums up my position. This box usually does me until the vintage Mountain Equipment jackets come out in mid-December, but at any point I can be distracted by a solid fishtail parka.

3)Sounds: It’s almost always autumn in Manchester and when it finally arrives in New York, I think a lot of home—the city of red brick mills, rain, big coats, and guitar bands as good as this one. Oh, the good life!

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2 Responses to "The Fall Three : Antony Crook, Photographer."

  1. Billy Webb says:

    Frankly, I’m sickened by his ‘professional Northernism’.

  2. Antony Crook says:

    “Billy Webb”? get stuffed Glenn Kitson - professional Northerner extraordinaire!

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