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Field Report : Freemans Sporting Club, Bleecker st, NYC.

A year or so since opening on Bleecker, FSC, they of “Made Local. Buy Local”, have made a temporary move a stone’s throw from their prior address.

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The Fall Three : Ben Ferencz, FairEnds.

One of my best friends I’ve never actually met. Ben Ferencz, the Fall Three’s own Lanterne Rouge. The cyclo-crossing mad hatter behind FairEnds. Never mind that it’s well into December, Ben Indiana Jones slides in at the last minute with … Continue reading

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You’ll Pay for This : HYDE bottle opener.

Partners Derek Brahney and Edge Trullinger, along with Friend of Secret Forts Kate Jones(of the venerable accessories line Ursa Major) have just launched a new accessories line by the name of HYDE.

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Articles & Effects: US Army Code of Conduct Card.

1 per each officer, warrant officer, and enlisted person. Issued to my father, Cpt. James P Wilson in 1969 before shipping off for his rotation at the 95th EVAC Hospital in DaNang.

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That’s That : Punch-drunk Love, 2002.

“I have a love in my life. It makes me stronger than anything you can imagine.” The end 7 1/2 minutes from P.T. Anderson’s much underrated Punch-drunk Love.

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Gentlemen, Start your Engines : Pop Up Flea IV.

Continuous Goldberg drop in on a few of this year’s Pop Up Flea participants, delivering an offering of good will in the shape of a bottle of Bushmills. See you there.

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MoMA Behind the Scenes : Roe Ethridge

Here, a Secret Forts fave, Photographer Roe Ethridge talks with curator Roxana Marcoci about his work included in the MoMA show “New Photography 2010“, which was up September 29, 2010–January 10, 2011.

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