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James’ Fall Three 2012.

1)Pumpkin Pie : Fall has been around for a week or so and we already have 1 pumpkin pie under the belt. Literally! Mrs 10e kills it in this department, and whether paired with some Beakers&Cream a la mode or good old Cool Whip we’ll eat it for dessert then breakfast the next day.

2)Disney World/Space Mountain : Have never been to Disney and taking the kids in a few weeks. They are just old enough and we are just young enough haha. Space Mountian… I’m talking to you!

3) SKYFALL : Finally, really looking forward to the latest Bond; SKYFALL (fan art by GoldenShadow). Thinking Ralph Fiennes gonna be good here. Geeking out a bit on this, the whole return to his home in Scotland etc. Still want them to feature a scene in a tailors, Bond getting measured for his cocktail cuffed shirts or similar… Midnight screening November 8th? Who is in?

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2 Responses to "THE FALL THREE : JAMES FOX, 10 ENGINES."

  1. sam says:

    man…everyone’s getting old huh?

  2. Will says:

    How come the top of the pie looks so extra good/dark and crunchy like Creme Brulé? Is there something different and magical going on there?

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