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The Mr. Macko’s Fall Three.

For fall 2012 I am definitely in the mood for all things warm & fuzzy! Color is always a big turn on to me, but I’m also feeling much more tactile of late, if it doesn’t feel good against my skin, I’m not going to wear it, not matter how cool it is.

1)Monitaly brushed wool camo blazer: The first piece I ordered this season was the camo blazer from Monitaly. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! The camo is brighter than you would expect, wearing this you’re never gonna blend in, it’s in your face and un-apologetic. The brushed wool fabric feels like you’re wearing a tailored blanket. I also got the matching bow tie, I’m jonesing to wear this!

2)The Elder Statesman knitted t-shirt: Yes, $315 is a hell of a lot of money to pay for a t-shirt, even with 15% cashmere, but I fell in love with these t’s years ago when I first met Greg Chait the designer and founder of The Elder Statesman. He’s kind of like a cashmere pusher, he gave me the first one as a gift and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. This is the perfect shirt to wear on a plane, hopefully flying to Miami for a long weekend.

3)Gitman Brothers X Opening Ceremony, Double-Faced, Button-Down Flannel Shirt: Chris Olberding of Gitman Vintage is my hero! I wear his shirts almost exclusively and each season he manages to find the most amazing fabrics and turn them into shirts that I can’t wait to wear. This fall it includes a group of Portuguese deco flannels that are double faced, the red/blue/grey color way is my favorite. This, worn open, sleeves rolled up, over a vintage t-shirt with ripped Levi’s is my daily uniform.

Bonus #4)Stubbs & Wootton, kelly green, buffalo storm boot: Stubbs & Wootton just isn’t for black-tie anymore! Last year I wore a pair of their version of the chukka, called storm-boots, in navy blue velvet for a photo shoot and fell in love with them, they were comfortable and extremely light weight. After the shoot I literally went right to their store on Madison Avenue and bought them. This season Percy Steinhart has designed them in a bold kelly green buffalo plaid which I also can’t wait to get my feet in. I’ll definitely be rocking these on Christmas morning.

Thanks Michael.

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  1. Percy Steinhart says:

    dear Michael,
    i love you adhere to one of my icon’s impeccable advice…
    ” Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like
    is ever out of style. ”
    Billy Baldwin.

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