Mikael Kennedy. Photographer. Polaroid enthusiast. Friend. Rambler.
My man Mikael’s Fall Three.

1)Sailing the White Whale: it’s always the right time of year for this, but not much beats riding around New England in the new fall with the windows down and the tapes turned up, she’s a cranky girl but one she hits that open road just right, not much else compares.

2) The light: The sun swings round this time of year and sets directly through our bedroom window, every day we get a golden hour that lasts for a few, I haven’t been there much these days, been too many days on the road but I know it’s there and that makes me happy.

3) I’ll be headed back to Marfa, TX for the second time this year. Mr. Thrope & Mr. Black will be coming along this time. We’ve got one week down there on a little project we’ve been pulling together these past months. Texas, I missed you.
Godspeed fellas.

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