* Secret Forts + FairEnds Deadstock Tweed Beauty / Lookmatic FDR
* Over-dyed (originally grey) Gitman Vintage polka dot Chambray / J.S. Homestead indigo “Beach” vest / Wallace & Barnes Bransome Jacket / Owner Operator backpack
* WWM zip pocket chinos / J. Press Ring Belt / The Hill-Side + Gentlemen’s Reserve pocket square
* Postalco Spiral Notebook / Zebra F-701 / Seiko SNZG15 / Summit Creek Dry Goods Leather Keychain 01 / Truman(Teranishi) Handcrafted Minimalist Chromexcel Wallet / Apolis Transit Issue Lighter / Case Sod Buster jr.
* Uniqlo Red Marled socks / Red Wing No. 8105 Maize Abilene Work Oxford

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14 Responses to "HEAD TO TOE : EVERYBODY POLKA."

  1. sam says:

    was hoping you would do another one of these soon. killer pack!

  2. Rick says:

    Worth the wait James. Good stuff.

  3. James says:

    Love the over dyed Gitman what did you use to dye it ?

  4. Brandon says:

    How is that bransom jacket? Been thinking about it but I worry it won’t hold up to the Seattle rainy weather. Looks great though.

    • mrforts says:

      It’s nice. J.Crew/W&B have been making some good outerwear as of late. As to how it would hold up to Seattle rain, can’t really say. But a damn nice jacket.

  5. Eric says:

    What lanyard is that?

  6. Aric says:

    Super nice kit James, but 165 beans for a backpack?

  7. Simon Tuntelder says:

    That J. Press is so beautiful. Probably made by Wiley Bros.

    That wallet needs a bit of cleaning and a whole lot of TLC.

  8. Theodore says:

    Cool specs, James. What brand?

  9. Bobby Lee D says:

    James - the tweed cap, what is it? - where can i find one


    • mrforts says:

      The tweed cap was a deadstock herringbone and a collaboration between Secret Forts + FairEnds. Limited numbers were made and they went quick. We’re working on a new one presently, though not the tweed herringbone. Stay tuned.

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