* Filson Cover Cloth Packer Hat / Salt Optics Braun
* WWM Chambray Camp Shirt / The Hill-Side Speckled Blanket Lining Tie / Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Coat / Batten Travel Shell Parka
* Stanley & Sons 23oz Selvedge Denim Tote / Vintage Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera / Seiko SNK809
* RRL Buckle Back Selvedge Chino / Leather Man Ltd.Trace Carrier Belt
* Two Feet Ahead Indigo Tweed Socks / Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Pebble Grain Cap Toe Boots

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9 Responses to "HEAD TO TOE : SAY CHEESE."

  1. ryan says:

    alright, alright. apolis chorecoat bros!

  2. Emil says:


  3. Myles Henry says:

    that camera is so ill

  4. Michael says:

    Is the Woolrich shirt vintage? Oh and that jacket is excellent. Really stellar items. You’ve been a big inspiration on my wardrobe over the last year or so especially with the onset of the cold weather. While many are complaining of the cold, I’m looking forward to it every day. Can’t wait to bust out my new Pendleton parka.

  5. Al says:

    So many great neckties lately

  6. Rick says:

    Great as always. Between your recommendation and from a friend that has the SNK809 I’m picking up a SKX007 this week. I love the dive style and the Seiko automatics seem to be my kind of work horse.

    • mrforts says:

      A good friend has had the Seiko SKX009K2 for maybe a decade and it’s still going strong. Pretty great watch. Give it a look.

      • Rick says:

        Very nice a Pepsi dial is definitely going to be my next watch. I use watches as mementos. I have a Wenger field watch from my parents for undergrad, a now discontinued Citizen diver for my first promotion, and now this Seiko for my masters graduation. Not expensive, but watches I enjoy nonetheless.

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