Something’s afoot in Long Beach CA. Established by Ben Neuhaus and Josh Eck, the recently-opened online (for now) shop Snake Oil Provisions is the result of two friends coming together over a genuine and earnest appreciation of hard-wearing, long-lasting American made goods. Having put together a solid initial roster, SOP takes a straight forward approach in the choosing and stocking of quality brands, among them Tennessee’s own Pointer Brand, the SF-based Taylor Stitch, boots by Chippewa, bags from Filson and denim by Rogue Territory. And in keeping with the wouldn’t sell it if we wouldn’t wear it ethos, all brands the two wear daily and back 100%. Along with simply stocking Rogue Territory (on a tear as of late with the extremely dope, already sold out Rogue Territory x Need Supply Co. 2013 Supply II Jacket), SOP have teamed up with their friend Karl Thoennessen in the creation of their own (and first of what I assume to be many) collaboration, the extremely limited RGT x SOP Washed Pure Indigo Work Shirt.

According to Josh, “The shirt is made from 10oz Japanese indigo-dyed canvas that has been rinse washed, meaning no two shirts will be alike. The threading is brown and is triple chain-stitched with run-off, similar to the current RgT Maker shirts. The buttons are brown imitation horn, all for the bottom one, which is blue cat-eye. There will be co-branded artwork screened onto the inside of the front left panel of the shirt, and there will also be a small second detail that we’re keeping mum on for the moment, leaving it as a sort of fun Easter egg hunt for buyers. There will only be 30 made, total…ever.”
As if that’s all not enough for the two friends to take on, in addition to opening the shop online, the collaboration and coinciding with the release of the resulting work shirt, SOP has a pop up event planned for this coming weekend. Again Josh, “We wanted to give people a chance to get a glimpse into our vision for the shop; to be able to see and feel the goods we have in our store, hang out with us, and maybe get some cool stuff for Christmas. We wanted the work shirt release to coincide with the pop up to commemorate a special moment for us, and to reward some of the people who come out to support us.”

So if you’re in the area, stop in and say hello to the fellas. “We want people to know who’s behind it, that we actually love and wear all the brands we carry, that we are the ones packing and shipping the things they buy from us, etc. That’s really important to us. This isn’t a scheme for us to get rich—we’re not in it for the money, or else we’d be working on the next big app or something—it’s an outlet for a huge passion that we both share, and that we want to share with anyone who will let us.” Well put Josh. And if you can’t make it this weekend, don’t worry, a brick & mortar SOP is in the works for Spring of next year.

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