On the Radar : Oi Polloi’s Cottonopolis.

Almost ten years after opening, Oi Polloi of Manchester have somewhat quietly launched(at least state-side) their own line(as of yet, UK-made belts and parka and an Italian-made marled wool sweater), Cottonopolis.

Well anchored by the classic and extremely handsome four pocket Whillans mountain parka(made in Oi Polloi’s own Manchester), Cottonopolis seems to focus on the understated, well-made and the utterly indispensible pieces. That which’ll last you way more than a season or two and which rests comfortably above the trend cycle fray. As they say, “The devils in the details.” According to Oi Polloi, “The term ‘Cottonopolis’ was first coined as a nick name for Manchester around the time of the industrial revolution — a reference to the leading role the region played in fabric production and England’s emerging rag-trade.” Fair enough. Sold. It’s a line full well worth knowing and with the weather taking a turn toward the inclimate, perhaps reason enough to take it for a test drive. Cottonopolis available at Oi Polloi. (Duh.)

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One Response to "On the Radar : Oi Polloi’s Cottonopolis."

  1. sam says:

    im sure the quality is there but i was hoping for something a bit more interesting than yet another british parka.

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