The Fall Three : Michael Macko, Editor-at-Large.

Editor-at-Large and long-time industry vet Michael Macko(above, with Bruce Weber as shot by Scott Schuman) picks the three things that’s got him ready for the temperature to drop, leaves turn and Fall to finally be upon us.
Below, Mr. Macko’s Fall Three. And for more of what Michael loves, go to his own MMLOVES.

1)Penfield X Jamieson Gillman Vest: I love vests and have been wearing them for years, I seriously have over 50 of them, they’re the perfect layering piece to wear all season long when you go from cold outdoors to hot subway. The beauty of Penfield is that they are always an amazing price/value and I LOVE this collaboration with Jamieson’s from Sandness in Scotland. I’ve already ordered it in both colors.

2)All Black L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Bean Boot: I’m a huge fan of L.L. Bean and as they launch into their centennial in 2012 they’ve already started producing special items. I love the all black version of the classic “Bean Boot”. It’s one of the most iconic fashion items that’s been updated in all black. They’re urban, they’re cool, but still 100% Bean!

3)Gant by Michael Bastian Skinny Cargo Pants: I haven’t thought about buying or wearing cargo pants in years, then I was hanging out with Michael Bastian over the summer and he had on the coolest pants, they were cargos, but slim and trim and super cool! I wanted them IMMEDIATELY! He said they would be out for fall and were one of the first things I bought this season.

3+1)Godspell: I’m not a huge theater buff, I don’t see everyhting, but I am going to see Godspell. I grew up catholic in the 80′s and went to many a teen mass singing “Day by Day”. Godspell remains one of my favorite musicals and I can’t wait for it to open on November 7th (Previews start October 13th). Plus as a bonus, Hunter Parrish, who plays Silas on Weeds, plays Jesus, it doesn’t get better than that!

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