The Fall Three : Chris Black, Done to Death.

Lifestylist. Media evangelist. Words for Young Men. Done to Death. I’m talking about Chris Black(above photo by Backyard Bill). Duh. Below, Chris’s Fall Three.

1)Breaking in my new ACL & Co. x Mark McNairy Brown Leather Country Brogues.

2)Spending as much time as possible in Los Angeles enjoying sunshine, the spicy Moroccan kale salad at Elf Cafe, and runs around the Silver Lake Reservoir.

3) Smoking grass in my apartment with all the windows open listening to new music from M83, Girls, Ryan Adams and The Drums.

(Classic Chris Black…)

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2 Responses to "The Fall Three : Chris Black, Done to Death."

  1. Mr Ryan says:

    Ha! My dude…….

  2. Noose says:

    My mother fucking man and my beard twin. Keep doing the damn thing, sir. Proud of you.

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