The Fall Three : Joe Gannon, Buckshot Sonny’s.

Good pal Joe Gannon, co-proprietor (along with Max Wastler) of Buckshot Sonny’s Sporting Goods and co-creator of Made Right Here, takes a break long enough to run down what’s got him stoked this season. Below, Mr. Joe Gannon’s well rounded Fall Three.

1)Baldwin‘s Duck Canvas Reed. Matt showed these to me in NY in July and knew right away I needed them. Something about that color reminds me of Fall. Even in the heat of NY in July I cut right to that Fall day I slipped those bad boys on. I think I’ll retire all the blue denim until I see some snow. Word from Baldwin is these might be released soon. Fingers crossed there is still a pair left in my size after everyone runs to grab a pair.

2)Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Its no secret that my go to is Dogfish head 60 minute. Brewed right here in Delaware, I’ve kind of grown up drinking it. I was in my formative years during the brewery’s inception, so there is a bit of nostalgia in every bottle. Around September I start reminding my guy at the liquor store to set aside Punkin Ale for me as it comes in. Dogfish only makes a limited amount for a very limited time, so liquor stores only get a case or two of the orange 4 packs. I make sure and stock up as soon as its available. Certainly not a beer to drink 4 or 5 of, they are a nice supplement to the 60 through fall and I always like to have a few on hand for guests.

3)My knock off/homemade Weltevree Outdoor Oven. Last spring I happened across a link for an outdoor oven/woodstove HERE. Available in Europe for 990EU, the shipping alone would break me. I turned to a good friend, a jack of all trades, and we set out to duplicate it. We hunted through a scrap yard for the materials and cobbled together the necessary tools and small bits that we thought might make it happen. I upsized mine 1.5x the specs that Weltevree offered. Bigger is always better, right? After a steady week of plasma cutting, welding, figuring, hammering, and grinding, we landed on a pretty solid copy. It weighed a ton and took us a while to get hefted up on my deck, but what resulted was worth the sweat equity. We do pizza’s and stew’s in the top oven and the kids love making smore’s in the bottom. It’s become a fixture on our deck and the spot that everyone gathers when the temps dip. A good place to warm your feet after a day of chopping wood. A great place to enjoy a beer, watch your breath, and listen to wood crackle.

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