The Fall Three : Foster Huntington, Restless Transplant.

Ever the Restless Transplant, Foster Huntington is out proving home is where you park it. Another recent endeavor, The Burning House, asks what you’d grab while fleeing a house on fire. Here, I ask Foster what’s on his shortlist for Fall. Below, the Restless Transplant’s Fall Three. (Keep up with Foster on his epic road trip via twitter HERE. #vanlife.)

1)Warn Powerplant HP. After a recent fiasco with my Syncro in Nevada, I am eying one of these Warn power winches. In addition to being able to pull a semi truck, they also have an air compressor so you can adjust tire pressure to suit the terrain. I will probably end up getting a cheaper one, but this thing is bad ass.

2)LL Bean 20 Goose Down Mummy Bag. I’m ready for some chilly nights and waking up with the frost on the ground. My mummy bag will keep me warm.

3)Grateful Dead, Cornell ’77. Maybe it’s a VW van thing, but Fire on the Mountain from the Cornell 77 show is sounding pretty good these days. its 20 minutes long and free here

+1)Snowpeak Hozuki LED lantern. As the days shorten, I will use this more and more to cook, read and write with. It works like a champ and is easy on the batteries.

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  • Bogdan

    That Snowpeak LED lantern is dope. Their titanium camp cups are killer.