The Fall Three : Yimmy Yayo.

The man from down under. Yimmy Yayo. Visual crack for the ocular fiend. In his own words, “Unfortunately we don’t have as pure of transitional seasons in Australia as America, it’s only a matter of weeks before our summer dies and winter shows up. So I’ll do my best to pick my favourite things that happen in the short cross over we have in Sydney.”

1)Quilts-The morning you wake up and realise it’s that time. Time to get rid of the one sheet you’ve had for months and start to sleep under the comforting weight of a quilt. There’s something calming about the enclosing pressure of a proper goose down quilt. Alongside the weather moving into cooler numbers, and your bed turning into a safe haven of sorts. I’ll make a tiny addition here; Sydney summers are almost unbearable to sleep in, let alone having to share your bed with another body, sweaty and inescapable, ‘Ugh get off’ is something you should never utter to a girl in your bed. Once fall kicks in, it’s time to get cosy.

2)I’m a layers guy. There’s nothing more enjoyable in this world than being covered in thick cotton or fleece. After brutal Summers in Sydney, where you can’t wear more than a thin t-shirt and light chinos (even then you’d be struggling), throwing on a new hooded sweatshirt or trenchcoat is definitely a treat, weather you can actually wear clothing in.

3)Life Cycle-I won’t get too deep or reflective here, but I think Fall/Autumn, along with spring, is a reminder of the constant cycle of nature. The transitional seasons, life into death, to then be renewed again. A reminder that all living and natural things pass away and are reborn eventually.

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