The Fall Three : Stephen Monaghan, The Great Divide.

Steve Monaghan aka Steve Sane, dispatching from across the pond. He behind Sane Communications, The Great Divide and Secret Agents. According to Steve, “Im a lucky man, i know this as i am married - i have amazing friends and get to do what i want (yes i work non stop) but im lucky non the less. I don’t get the chance to listen to / read / or do as much as i’d like but im a patient man - i have a list of things im gonna read / listen to / and do when i have more time. I’ll never give up or go down in a fight. i love my Brompton.”

1)The essential kickin of leaves album and fresh autumnal day record - Dont think twice its alright is my favourite - the most perfect delivery of some the most latently acerbic lyrics ever - “you just kinda wasted y precious time, but dont think twice its alright” morrissey learned the craft of subtley crucifying lovers from this guy.

2) Husband Pie - In the Autumn my wife (who f*****g rules) bakes me pie - this is an H pie - steak and ale inside - TOO DARN GOOD - cheers baby x

3)Autumn Walking - When listening to The Freewheelin and full of H pie i like to walk - Fracap boots when its NASTY ASSED autumn or LL Bean moccasins if its crisp and fresh - style personified in my eyes too - muyst be worn with a thick sock.

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2 Responses to "The Fall Three : Stephen Monaghan, The Great Divide."

  1. ryan says:

    Favorite Fall Three so far. Nice one Steve.

  2. GK says:

    What are you doing to that dog, Steve?

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