The Fall Three : Michael Kuhn, Greenpoint Pictures.

Michael Kuhn. Founder/President of Brooklyn’s own Greenpoint Pictures(Check out their blog Standard Mint). Director, producer, fellow Tennessee native, my oldest friend of twenty+ years. Mr. Kuhn’s Fall Three.

1)Nike Sportswear Destroyer: This jacket fits like a glove, it’s simple and made for nyc in the fall. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nike sneaks but after our company directed several films featuring pro athletes for NSW i fell in love with the destroyer, among some of their other gear. can’t beat the colors either, it’s like a raiders jacket without the logos, and there’s no better time to rep that team as big Al Davis recently passed away, and the teams exciting resurgence this year.

2)Black n’ White: Black Lum Tec combat b5 on the left wrist and white Nantucket Knotworks bracelet on the right. the Lum Tec was a gift from a woman i hold dear to my heart, most beautiful rugged watch on the market and the bracelet reminds me of summer, awesome times and the beach with my kids, friends and family so i won’t take it off till it falls off my wrist.

3)DJ Nes - Goldmine Mixtape: the range of music i’ve been listening to these days has been all over the map, but one of the best mixtapes i’ve heard possibly ever belongs to dj nes’ goldmine. if you’re a fan of classic hip hop, breaks and soul prepare for your mind to get blown. mixtape features only the finest in classic hip-hop; Brand Nubian, De La, Eric B and Rakim, Cypress Hill, BDP, MOP and on and on. check out his blog for other bangers at Dirty Waters.

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