Hands On : Owner/Operator 111 Parka.

A couple of things we like over here are parkas, the colder climes of Fall that eventually give way to the Winter months. Spending as much of that time on the mountain a few hours north in Southern Vermont. Enter Owner/Operator.

I’ve recently gotten my hands on Owner/Operator’s 111 parka. A technical shell with throw back appeal. A classic silhouette, the 111 is snowboard gear as at home on as it is off the mountain. The 111 boasts a 15,000mm waterproof, breathable shell, taped seams, powder skirt and a three-way adjustible hood with brim. A relatively new venture, Owner/Operator is the self-run, Made-in-the-US endeavor of pals and long-time snowboarders Pete Sieper and Steven Kimura. Disenchanted with snowboarding’s drift away from its independent origins, they decided to try their hands at creating the type of gear they were after and in a way that felt right, namely producing the line in the US, close to home. According to Owner/Operator, “When nobody else is giving you what you need, you just have to do it yourself… Consider the impact of every dollar you spend. Consider what you are supporting with your purchases.” Uncomplicated yet technically designed for the slopes, the 111 feels light, fits right and comes in a few classic color ways(and dig the throw-back logo). Looking forward to field testing this one once the chair lifts fire up. Until then, it’ll do just fine on inclimate Autumn days. Available HERE and HERE.

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6 Responses to "Hands On : Owner/Operator 111 Parka."

  1. Kathryn says:

    How cute is that raccoon!

  2. mrforts says:

    it’s a nice touch.

  3. jonb says:

    Super nice minus the huge typo on “mountian.”

    • peter Sieper says:

      thank heavens thats just a preproduction label, the actual production hangtags i ran the spell check~


  4. Ingrid says:

    very nice parka. reminds me of the 70′s gerry jackets, but seems way more suitable for weather conditions.

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