Head to Toe : Brooklyn Royal Giant.

*Ebbets Field Flannels 1927 Brooklyn Royal Giants
*Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses
*Old Filson Zipper Tote
*MWC W10 1970s Mil-Spec Automatic Watch
*Dana Lee Hopsack BD / Engineered Garments Field Parka
*Truman Handcrafted Minimalist Chromexcel Wallet
*Stafford & Sons Camo Pants + old J. Crew Braided Ring Belt + The Hill-Side Reversible Camo Pocket Square
*Uniqlo Socks + Yuketen for Epaulet Country Ranger

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4 Responses to "Head to Toe : Brooklyn Royal Giant."

  1. Michael says:

    I love, love the individual pieces of your outfits - modern, yet classic, timeless pieces. The pants/trousers though don’t look slim - more straight leg. Even if you don’t ever show your face, have you ever considered modeling the outfits - I’d just be interested in the proportions of the clothes to your body. I’m about 5 foot 8 inches, so when I see your pants/jeans I always think they look kinda of wide.

    • mrforts says:

      The camo trousers are indeed a straight leg. I’m thinking of having them narrowed a bit, but I actually like a straighter fit in some instances. I’m not a very tall man myself, so proportion is key. But, no, I don’t think I plan on modeling in H2T’s.

  2. PMN says:

    Interesting attire. I like the EG parka. How warm would you say it is compared to a down coat?

    • mrforts says:

      The EG Parka is fairly warm yet minimally insulated. With good layering, I can see wearing this into December and maybe a little beyond.
      In terms of comparison to down, it’s just a different beast. A reliable down jacket is a must when the mercury dips way south and winds pick way up.

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