The Fall Three : Lawrence Schlossman, ROTM.

Lawrence Schlossman(shot here by Justin Chung) knows how to talk to girls at parties. A third of the Run of The Mill triumvirate, social media wizard at Park&Bond and the dapper gent behind the sharp-witted Sartorially Inclined. Below, one of the hardest working dudes in the blogosphere runs down his Fall Three.

1)ROTM sand suede chukkas - One of the benefits about running a brand is the ability to get samples and wear the hell out of them before anyone else. Of all our F/W offerings, the sand suede chukka is the one I am loving the most right now. Lots of people might think sand suede isn’t the best choice for fall, but I politely beg to differ. Fucking these up and beating them into submission has been a pure joy and the Dainite sole keeps the functionality locked down. Also, people need to really give suede the credit it deserves as a durable material and not this precious, delicate thing that needs constant babying.

2)A$AP Rocky, Live.Love.A$AP - If you’re the one person who hasn’t heard of this dude yet, let me implore you to check him out. I’ve been waiting for an East Coast rapper to truly embrace southern hip hop tradition, mix that shit up and put out something transcendent. I think Rocky done did it. New York back.

3)New York Giants - My boys are at the top of the division with a ridiculously competitive schedule on deck from here on out. How they fare will significantly impact my personal well-being for the rest of the season. God speed.

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3 Responses to "The Fall Three : Lawrence Schlossman, ROTM."

  1. Philip Martin says:

    *Witted, *fare, *well-being

  2. Andrew says:

    I am that guy you were talking about, Lawrence. And I am glad that I was wrong about thinking that I wouldn’t like it. I finally gave it a listen this week and it really is an enjoyable mixtape.

  3. Andrew T. says:

    Damn it LAS, I was just about to buy the stomper dub monks but then I read this and found out you’re a Giants fan. Jets I could live with, but as part of the Foxboro Faithful I cannot in good faith purchase products from ROTM. I will have to have someone else “gift” them to me instead as I could not continue enjoying life without those shoes. Ah, the art of the work around.

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