Suitable Attire : Freemans Sporting Club, FW’11.

Since 2006, Freemans Sporting Club has been steadily producing some of the most durable and well made goods around, all the while, championing a made in the US ethos, keeping almost all production within a ten mile radius of its Rivington street origins just off the Bowery. F.S.C FW’11 stays true to form with a range of classic autumnal fabrics; 8.5 oz waxed canvas, Harris Tweed, moleskin, English wool flannel in classic silhouettes and all produced a stone’s throw away. As they say, “Made Local, Buy Local”.

From their custom suiting to tough-as-nails outerwear to trousers and shirting(the ‘machinist’ is a staple here), all is long wearing, well tailored yet functional, classically American and made to last a good long while. An intrinsic element to the F.S.C definition, their pursuit has been to do their part in keeping as many skilled hands at work in the US garment industry as possible, while maintaining the level of quality, craftsmanship and durability inherent to handmade goods. And the result this season is a well rounded range, from the rugged to the rakishly handsome and refined, all made with longevity in mind.
With nods to the iconic N-1 deck jacket(the decision to switch from the Polartec fleece lining used last season to the melton wool lining/corduroy collar combination is a solid one) and classic mountain parka(the Isle of Man parka has been a mainstay for me through the past few winters), outerwear is in rugged 8.5 oz waxed canvas, melton wool-lined and made to keep the elements at bay(it does, btw). Something I’ve long desired and perhaps what FSC does absolute best, their suiting is hand-made in Brooklyn by the venerable Martin Greenfield and for Fall, in a variety of sturdy, seasonal English wool. Sports coats, these made in limited numbers and cut impeccably, are in legendary Harris Tweed, hand-woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and celebrating its centennial anniversary this year. There’s the Allen Edmonds MacNeil longwing in three colorways exclusive to F.S.C, the well-cut Winchester trousers in cotton twill and moleskin, and wool gauze neck ties to pull it all together.
It’s a super solid line-up with more to come and has me ready to layer up in tweed and waxed canvas. All images are from their site(it’s good to see them getting the word out). Stay tuned for a full Field Report to come. In the mean while, get in to see it for yourself.

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6 Responses to "Suitable Attire : Freemans Sporting Club, FW’11."

  1. United Style says:

    Those Harris tweed sportcoats look amazing, especially that brown one!

  2. Johan says:

    I am just being difficult: I don’t think Harris Tweed and English wool is made in the USA.


  3. Darren Johnston says:

    James your posts are getting better and better. Looking forward to that field report, as I have never been to Freeman’s even though I work not to far your them. GOT to get my lazy keister over there!

    • mrforts says:

      Yo. I appreciate that man. Stay tuned for more on FSC. But you should indeed get over there. Thanks for the kind words.
      peace. -jw

  4. Brian says:

    Yo… been following your site for some time. Good stuff. Got a question for you: have you seen the N-1 Deck Jacket in person? I’ve been wanting to grab a 3-season, weather resistant kind of jacket… and I’ve been eyeing the obvious-Barbour Bedale. But I was leaning toward the Bedale in Navy (as opposed to the traditional Olive or Sage). But then I saw this post and it looks like this N-1 Deck Jacket could be another options. Any thoughts?

    Thanks. Brian

    • mrforts says:

      I’ve had my olive Bedale for 10+ years and have, as of late, been giving thought to the navy Bedale myself. That or the navy Beaufort. But having seen FSC’s N-1, it’s a solid 3 season choice for sure. Classic shape. Excellent quality. Give it some thought. Can’t go wrong either way.

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