Legend : Matt Hensley.

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4 Responses to "Legend : Matt Hensley."

  1. Jedidiah says:

    Man, this takes me back. Growing up in San Diego in the late 80′s was an amazing time to skate, from the McGill skate park at the carlsbad raceway to Tijauna Skate Park and “School H” (which is what we called it cos the H-Street team killed that spot). Amazing, Hensley and the rest of that team advanced skating more than any other team at the time. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

  2. daniel ilic says:

    Oh man. Matt Hensley in Shackle Me Not is the best damn street skating footage of all times. He defined the very essence of street skating right there. I get goose bumps just hearing the screeching when he lands a no comply… Thanks for posting it.

  3. seven1eight says:

    My idol when I was 13. Had a chance to meet him by surprise back in 98 at the parkside lounge on the LES. Thought that dude playing the accordion in Flogging Molly looked familiar. Classic

  4. mark says:

    I’m less interested in skateboarding than the two dressed-alike women in the first few seconds. What is their story?

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