Moving Pictures : Hudson River Project.

Friend and photographer Antony Crook recently sent over a little teaser for a project he’s been involved with for some time now along with James Bowthorpe(who you’ll recognize as the Rig Out’s 30 Century Man from issue #3). The premise of the project; build a boat from the city’s waste, portage it to the source of the Hudson river and row it back, past farmland, wilderness, countryside, towns and industry, visually connecting the source of the river to the city so dependent on it. The trailer was filmed over a number of scouting trips to chart the path of the journey.
With Antony behind the camera and an original soundtrack by Mogwai, the full length film, set to begin filming mid-September, seems certain to be an intimate and stunning study of their journey from the building of the vessel to their embarking from high in the Adirondack Mountains and the trip back 300+ miles by the waters of the Hudson to the city it serves.
For more on the Hudson River Project, keep tabs on them via this thing called Twitter, find them on Facebook, check out The Hudson River Project site and click over to Kickstarter to read more and/or help in funding the ambitious venture. God speed gents.

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One Response to "Moving Pictures : Hudson River Project."

  1. Hudson Valley says:

    “the trip back 300+ miles by the waters of the Hudson to the city it serves.”
    Typical NYC’er (especially transplant) perspective on the Hudson (and all things north of Westchester County)-that it exists to serve the unsustainable monstrosity at its ass-end. Hopefully, the filmmakers will have a more nuanced perspective.

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