Independence Day is nigh. And though it’s been a while since the last, I haven’t done a Head to Toe like this in quite some time, (December 22nd of ’09 to be exact), so I decided to return to it for this installment. So whether you’re heading out or sticking around, enjoy, be safe out there and go America.

* FairEnds Hippie Camo Ball Cap / Lookmatic Tortoise FDR
* Tender Type 915 Hand-Dyed Woad Guard’s Jacket / Post O’Alls Royal Traveler Vest / Sid Mashburn Liberty Print Pop-Over BD
* Field Notes / Caran d’Ache Ballpoint Pen / Seiko SNK809 / Stanley & Sons Mailbag
* Unis Gio / Summit Creek Key holder / J. Press Cinch Belt / The Hill-Side S21-011 Lightweight Selvedge Chambray Bandana
* Visvim Patrician Perf
* Restored Ford Bronco loaded up w/ Poler Camping Stuff -
Leaf Camo Daypack / Blaze Orange Mini Duffaluffagus

* Garrett Leight Brooks in Honey Blonde Tortoise
* Smith & Butler + Tellason Garment Dyed Chore Jacket / RRL Ikat Pop-Over BD / Apolis Tee
* DQM Chinook Cooler Tote / Buds / Steven Alan Beach Blanket
* Katin for Sid Mashburn Swim Trunks
* Soludos for J.Crew navy espadrilles
* Build Fire. Drink Beers. Light Sparklers

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7 Responses to "HEAD TO TOE : GO FOURTH."

  1. Max Wastler says:

    Happy Fourth, everyone. This Bud’s for You.

  2. Mr. Mo says:

    Respect. Checking out many of these. Many thanks Mr. Forts.

  3. Michael says:

    Some beautiful pieces you have featured this time (as usual) but I’m curious about the long-sleeve shirt and vest you have featured here. In my neck of woods (Southern Ontario, Canada) it’s been quite warm recently and even the nights have been mild enough that a jacket / long sleeves / layers haven’t been required. The weather in Brooklyn’s been about the same, hasn’t it? I guess it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Happy 4th of July!

  4. frost says:


  5. Ashton Goggans says:

    I’m not kidding, those Katin boardshorts are the absolute worst performing boardies I’ve ever surfed in. The snap-fly is one of the most poorly thought out ideas. I took a pair on a trip down to Nicaragua (my little brother very kindly grabbed a pair for me from their shop in SC), paddled out, took off on a macking set wave at the Boom in Chinandega, only to realize that the snaps had come undone and my dick was flopping out of my trunks while I got drilled. This continued to happen each and every time I took a wave. Paddle out, buttun them up, take off on a set, feel my dick fall out, giggle a little bit (though for 65 bones I was a little annoyed, honestly), get drilled. I wore them once, let them dry, and retired them to the bottom of my rucksack. I wore my Birdwells for the next two weeks, with no complaints.

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