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10 Responses to "OUT/ABOUT/HERE/THERE."

  1. Rick says:

    Super psyched to see SF on the reader feed today. Great shots as always. Hope all is well.

  2. Emil says:

    YOU’RE BACK!!! Missed you Jimmy. Now keep ‘em coming, okay???

  3. Warren says:

    I used to love the Scott Show. Seems to have been in a dormant stage the last couple times though.

    Love this site. More pics

  4. Lars says:

    Incredibly inspiring.

  5. Beefcake says:

    Next time make a stop though Louisville. Give ya the grand tour.

  6. Emil says:

    The lobster finger puppet is genius.

  7. Samuel says:

    There’s something inherently sexual about these series. I am completely mesmerized by the end of each.
    Drinks someday?

  8. John Slawson says:

    Glad you hit atl. The bridge over the train track behind star provisions and jct kitchen, with a view of the atlanta water works smokestack, is my go to chill spot when i need a moment.

    Hooe you enjoyed the a…

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