Moving Pictures: The Rig Out IV Film, The Stream.

With The Rig Out Issue IV at the printers presently, I’m pleased to present the team’s accompanying film. According to the press release, ‘This time out, the wanderlust of stylist Glenn Kitson and photographer Antony Crook had grown even stronger. The centrepiece of Rig Out IV is a photoshoot which took place in the North African wildnerness - Morocco to be precise. Heading to such an exotic location in the middle of a dismal British winter would normally sound like nice work if you can get it. But civil unrest across the region meant they had to be on their guard. Indeed, their model for the trip - himself no stranger to unarmed combat - was the target of some local dissaffected youths. The only fire exchanged came in the form of a few errant stones and numerous cutting remarks, which were returned with interest.
Taking a backseat during the proceedings to document the trip was Antony Crook who captured (yes, captured) some wonderful images and directed yet another stunning video.
With Clarks, Stone Island, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Folk, R6 and LVC all making an uncommon appearance in the North African desert, it’s an engaging watch.’

Director x Antony Crook.

Styled x Glenn Kitson.

Art Director x Andy Bird

Edited x Keith Mottram

*The Rig Out Issue #4 will be, once again, available through Secret Forts. As Antony puts it, ‘The mag is just getting printed…apparently it’s massive (physically, conceptually and spiritually).’ More info to follow as well as an official announcement. Stay tuned.

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