Goin’ Back to Cali: US Made Sierra Designs, 60 / 40.

I know that it’s not even the Fourth of July yet, but let’s talk about a particular favorite topic here on SECRET FORTS; parkas. And one in particular, Sierra Designs. Thanks to the diligence of some very good friends, you’ll no longer need to try to figure out how you’re gonna get your hands on a Sierra Designs US Made 60/40 short parka.

Previously only available in Japan, the made in the US(Oakland, CA) 60/40 Short Parka is true classic Sierra Designs. Founded in 1965 by George Marks and Bob Swanson in Point Richard, CA , Sierra Deisgns was started by two people with a passion fueled by their love for the outdoors. The mission was simple, ‘to specialize in the manufacturing of quality, lightweight equipment designed for the climber, backpacker, skier, or any sportsman who demands quality gear.’ For Sierra Designs, this is a return to their roots, to where they began, and to how it all started.
Along with the short parka, you can expect five or so additional Sierra Designs heritage styles to be made available this coming Fall. Stay tuned for further dispatches on personal field testing. But for now, expect to see the US made 60/40 short parka this Fall at Hickorees, Context, Unionmade, Sid Mashburn, Steven Alan, at the Fjallraven Shop and from Oi Polloi in the UK. Until then, some looks at Sierra Designs, then and now.

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