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As the latest issue of Pica Post, the renowned Manchester-based Oi Polloi‘s in-house zine, wraps up, the good folks there decided to give us a preview of things to come by way of “Homemade in Hell’s Kitchen“. Readers of this … Continue reading

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On the Radar : Oi Polloi’s Cottonopolis.

Almost ten years after opening, Oi Polloi of Manchester have somewhat quietly launched(at least state-side) their own line(as of yet, UK-made belts and parka and an Italian-made marled wool sweater), Cottonopolis.

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Goin’ Back to Cali: US Made Sierra Designs, 60 / 40.

I know that it’s not even the Fourth of July yet, but let’s talk about a particular favorite topic here on SECRET FORTS; parkas. And one in particular, Sierra Designs. Thanks to the diligence of some very good friends, you’ll … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures: The Rig Out IV Film, The Stream.

With The Rig Out Issue IV at the printers presently, I’m pleased to present the team’s accompanying film. According to the press release, ‘This time out, the wanderlust of stylist Glenn Kitson and photographer Antony Crook had grown even stronger. … Continue reading

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From the Inbox : Oi Polloi’s Pica~Post

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Revisited: The Rig Out, Issue #2.

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Now Available: The Rig Out, Issue #3.

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Supper is Served: The Hill-Side + Hope st. Supper Club.

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It’s Coming: The Rig Out from Oi Polloi, #3.

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